One of the learning activities this week was applying the SCAMPER model to McDonalds. The worldwide fast food chain is mostly known for being extremely cheap. They have been experts at adapting trough the years. 

SUBSTITUTE SOMETHING : In 1948 Mac and Dick McDonalds saw that they did not turn much profit through their store so they made a few adjustments by making an assembly line instead of having the traditional kitchen, making production more efficient and providing the product to the costumer faster.

ELIMINATING SOMETHING: They stripped down their burgers to the most essential ingredients to make it more cost efficient. 

MODIFY OR MAGNIFY IT :In later years they have always tried to modify the products to the consumers. After the baby boom in 1960s they made their menu as cheap as possible for teenagers and single mothers.

COMBINE IT WITH SOMETHING: Being healthy and caring about where the food comes from has become more and more a mainstream theme the last years, so they have combined there menus with vegetarian options and also carrots as snacks. When going abroad they have also combined there normal menu with local foods.

ADAPT SOMETHING TO IT: In the beginning after they changed the restaurant to a fast food shop they did not want people to hang around. Now you can find play rooms and comfortable chairs so people want to stay for longer, and might buy more. They adapted the restaurant so it became a place where people wanted to hangout. 

PUT IT TO SOME OTHER USE: In 1977 McDonald launched their breakfast menu, expanding from not only dinner and late night food to breakfast. They also realized that just selling burgers and fries did not really make them money so when they started branching out through franchises which are financed by investors, McDonalds corporal bought the properties for so to rent them out to the franchises for a higher dollar.

REVERSE OR REARRANGE IT:They removed the indoor seating and carhops, making the drive thru instead. By modifying the restaurant they would not need as many employers ,and not as much space, thus saving money.  


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